The Dolphins and Whales are helping to birth a new Higher Consciousness within all of Humanity.

This beautiful picture was created by visionary artist, Jean-Luc Bozzoli          


Welcome to the Cetacean Summit 
A Gathering of many of the best Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Teachers, Healers and Communicators  
Thank you to all of the gifted presenters and open-hearted participants and volunteers who made the first Cetacean Summit a huge success!

2nd Cetacean Summit  September 18-22, 2015
Dana Point, California

The Cetacean Summit is a monumental gathering and celebration of people who have a deep Spiritual connection to Dolphins and Whales!  Cetaceans have been influencing humankind throughout the ages, and now they seem to be exploring every possible avenue to guide and inspire humanity at this pivotal moment in our Planetary Evolution.

Our very diverse Council of Presenters have all dedicated their lives to Human-Cetacean relationship -- each in their own unique way.  At the Cetacean Summit, these Presenters will share the many gifts of the Dolphins and Whales with YOU!  We invite you to open yourselves to the important messages, insights, stories, and ocean interaction with the Dolphins and Whales themselves at this Global Cetacean Gathering -- because the Dolphins and Whales are calling YOU too!!


 Wisdom Presentations | Guided Meditations | Group Healings | Water Blessing | Dolphin & Blue Whale Trips | Dreaming & Drumming with the Dolphins | Sunset Whale Watching Dinner Cruise | Fun Activities | Dolphin Dance Party

This unprecedented 5 day event will be a collaboration in the true Unity-Community style of the Dolphins to share the knowledge and experiences of so many incredibly gifted Cetacean Teachers, Healers and Communicators.
Here are the confirmed Presenters for the  2015 Cetacean Summit:
  Joan Ocean          Laurie Reyon          Linda Shay    David Rosenthal        JoeBaby  
                               Anderson & Puddah                                                               Noonan

Mary J. Getten        Roberta              Madeleine          Cyndie Lepori     Ilona Selke
                                   Goodman            Walker
    Celeste Eaton         Flora & Francisco             Anne Gordon          Donna Kassewitz   
                                                                                           de Barrigon                                                           

      Scott Taylor                Patricia Cori           Muriel Lindsay      Grandma Chandra

Along with the presenter sessions there will be 1 included Dolphin & Blue Whale Watching boat trip,  1 optional Dolphin & Blue Whale Watching boat trips a Sunset Whale Watching Dinner Cruise and a very special optional Dolphins Love Kids boat trip. 

Blue whale off of Dana Point, California

Announcing our new book:  

Do you feel a deep connection to the Whales and Dolphins?  Would you like to deepen and understand your Soul connection and open a clear communication with the Cetaceans on a profound Spiritual level?  Then you cannot miss this powerful event.


Check out the Pre & Post Events offered by many of our gifted presenters.

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